‘What?’ I said, squeezing my husband Simon’s hand. The ultrasound technician repeated it: ‘You’re having triplets!’ We had one child already and would soon be a family of six. I was over the moon… and pretty shocked. 

Throughout the pregnancy, I suffered from extreme morning sickness and was hospitalised a number of times with dehydration. I lost weight during my pregnancy, but as soon as Violet, Lilly and Sullivan were born my appetite returned and I enjoyed all the foods that I’d missed, including cakes and chocolate.  

I’d expected to lose weight running around after four young children. Without a minute to myself, though, I relied on convenience food and takeaways – and my weight kept creeping up.

At my biggest, I developed anxiety in social situations and struggled with simple things like walking to the shops or dropping my eldest son, Riley, off at school. I also made excuses not to see my friends because I didn’t feel like ‘me’ any more. Something needed to change. 

Discovering Slimming World

So, in February 2016, not long after my triplets’ second birthday, I joined Slimming World. Walking through the doors for the first time was daunting, especially because I struggled with meeting new people. I didn’t need to worry – I was made to feel so welcome by my Consultant and the other members that I left with a real sense of hope. 

I started to make hearty meals from scratch rather than rely on convenience food – so I’d whip up a big chicken curry instead of reaching for a jar. I enjoyed the most delicious burgersfish and chipsroast dinners, and our own ChineseIndian and Thai ‘fakeaways’. All the recipes were quick and easy, and my whole family enjoyed them, too. 

In group, I stayed to IMAGE Therapy every week, picking up tips and recipes, and making sure I didn’t lose motivation. 

As the weeks went by, the number on the scales went down – and they did for Simon as well! Most importantly, my cheerful personality started to resurface. With my self-confidence increasing, I began taking the children out more often, sometimes on day trips. When we visited the park or the beach, I’d take an on-plan picnic we could enjoy as a family, such as home-made Scotch eggs, pasta salad and houmous with vegetable dippers.

I got the clothes-shopping bug, too! And I started saying ‘yes’ to more social events with my friends – things like a trip to the cinema or a night out enjoying a few gin and slimline tonics. 

I started taking pictures of my meals and posting them on Instagram, so people could see what Food Optimising looked like and what you could eat. I shared photos of my progress and was inspired every day by other people’s journeys. 

Mum’s the word

Before Slimming World, I didn’t even own a pair of trainers. Now I have the confidence to give anything a go, including fitness classes like Boogie Bounce and Clubbercise. I’m so happy that instead of sitting on the sidelines when I take the kids to a soft play centre, these days I’m always in the thick of the action with them. 

Increased confidence, becoming a more active mum, a new love of cooking… It’s not just my body that’s changed through losing weight – my life is better in so many other ways, too. Joining Slimming World is the best decision I’ve ever made!

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose.