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Are you among the thousands of people regularly tuning into the Slimming World Podcast? If not, you’re missing out...

Press play to be welcomed into Anna Mangan’s and Clare Savory’s world of all things slimming. Anna’s Slimming World experience spans 20 years – through challenging spinal surgery, getting married and becoming a working mum – and that’s just as a member! She’s also been a Consultant for nine years, so she definitely knows her Slimming World stuff.

Clare’s a self-confessed yo-yo dieter who’s ditched her on/off habits for a steady Slimming World lifestyle change. Loneliness, boredom and heartbreak have been big weight loss blockers for Clare, but her new, healthier relationship with food has seen her lose more than 5st in two years.

Do you fancy a listen?

If you’re brand-new to Slimming World or you want to find out more about our life-changing eating plan, every ‘podisode’ will give you a boost of information and inspiration (and a bit of a giggle!). And if you’re already a member, you’ll love the topics talked about each week – anything from boredom eating to body image.

In the kitchen or the car, while you’re relaxing or getting active... Anna and Clare can keep you company.

You can listen here, or search ‘Slimming World podcast’ wherever you usually find your casts.

The two latest episodes are below. And if you’d like to catch up on back episodes (there are loads!), you’ll find them under Categories, split into handy themes.