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Inspiring real-life success

‘Losing 17st has transformed my whole life’

Jenny Irons has dropped 12 dress sizes on her journey to becoming Slimming World’s Woman of the Year – and her world has changed in so many amazing ways

‘I’ve got so much to smile about’

Discover how Emina Garibovic went from camera-shy to feeling fab after losing 4st 10lbs

Beth’s found her balance

Cover star Beth Fursman fixed her relationship with food and she’s glowing with confidence


‘The moments that helped me lose 12½st’

Man of the Year 2020 Jason Dury has lost half his body weight – he shares the milestones that marked his progress along the way

Recipe and food ideas

‘The recipe that reminds me of...’

Eight special meals that bring back happy memories for Slimming World members

Cupboard love

With easy makes from store-cupboard staples, a tasty dinner doesn’t have to mean a big shop


...to a classic Middle Eastern falafel and pitta bread with all the trimmings!


Firm favourites

Ready, set, slim with our luxurious sweet and smooth desserts

Even more motivation

Zaheer’s paying it forward

Finding a way to lose weight was just the start of Zaheer Bhatti’s journey to becoming a true Slimming World inspiration!

Your guide to stress-proof slimming

Stay on track, no matter what life throws your way, with our everyday strategies to protect your weight loss

Real food, real result

From roast beef to chicken and chips, eat food you love all week – and lose weight!


The magic of meal planning

Get organised with your own weekly menu of favourites and see the difference on the scales. Download our printable planner here!



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