‘You’ve got type 2 diabetes.’ Those five words changed my life. Until that moment in my GP’s surgery, I’d resigned myself to being overweight forever. Now I was desperate to make a real lifestyle change. With the support of my partner, Dan, I was determined to succeed.

From breathless to running a 10K

When I joined Slimming World I could barely walk to the shops without getting out of breath. I refused to go clothes shopping and I wouldn’t look in full-length mirrors.

That all changed once the weight started to come off. I was losing inches so quickly that I had to buy my outfits from eBay and charity shops. 

The day I got to target was the happiest of my life. On top of being slimmer than I’d ever dreamed possible, I was told I no longer had type 2 diabetes.

I also started running and even completed a 10K charity race. It was the best therapy for me – I’d never felt so well, emotionally as well as physically. I began walking everywhere, some days clocking up six or seven miles. As I was losing weight so well, I lowered my target again. 

Now I’m in control

At a size 10, I really enjoy shopping – I’m even happy to show my legs in skirts and dresses. The thing I love about Slimming World is that I can live life to the full and still feel in control. In fact, when I got back from a holiday I wasn’t even worried about my small gain. I got straight back on plan and started walking again – I was back at target within a week!

Sarah shares the tips, tricks and treats that spurred her to success

  • When I’m out and about, I keep a Nakd Banana Bread Bar in my handbag for an easy, filling snack – and they’re just 4½ Syns a bar.

  • For every half-stone I lost, I treated myself to a CD, and for each stone I bought myself a beautiful bead to go on a necklace. I wear it every day.

  • Mum and I booked a holiday in Dalyan, Turkey, to celebrate me getting to target and I enjoyed it so much that we’re going to go away together more often. I sold all my old clothes to fund the trip – I’m never going to need those again.

  • I took up lots of exercise – running, walking and aqua aerobics – and soon got all my Body Magic awards! I also bought myself a fitness ball so I could tone up at home.

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose.