Kneeling beside my little boy, Aubrey, I helped him scoop the sand into his plastic bucket. Just as we’d turned out a perfect sandcastle, the tide came swishing along the beach towards us, and we both leapt up and ran away.  

It felt amazing to have the energy to play with him and make the most of a sunny day out. Looking back to last year, leaving the house with Aubrey would fill me with dread. I was convinced that everyone was judging me because of my weight, and maybe – my deepest fear – even thinking I was unfit to be a mum. The truth was, I was judging myself. I got out of breath so quickly and I physically couldn’t do the things most other mums took for granted. My husband, Joe, even had to be the one to change Aubrey because I knew that if I knelt down on the floor, I’d struggle to get back up again.

I’d attended a Slimming World group before, but being pregnant during lockdown (and developing intense chocolate brownies cravings!) put me back to the beginning again. In August 2022, I was ready to give it another go. I was full of fear as I stepped on the scales – 15st 7½lbs was the biggest I’d ever been – but my Consultant, Janet, helped me to see that I wasn’t a failure and that this was just the beginning of my journey.  

I lost 10lbs in my first two weeks, which was so motivating. The other thing spurring me on was staying for IMAGE Therapy and getting personalised support for the week ahead. In group I could be completely honest about my struggles with my weight – and knowing I was accepted, without any judgement, helped me to gradually rebuild my shattered self-confidence. I started to believe that I wasn’t an awful person or a terrible mum – just human.  

I also learnt some Slimming World mindset tools to call upon if there were stumbling blocks ahead. When I was worried about a family holiday abroad, Janet helped me to visualise myself making healthier choices. I was surprised at how easy it was to do it for real, and was delighted to find I’d lost weight when we got home. 

At home, I chose simple Slimming World recipes that we could eat as a family, and Aubrey loved being my ‘little chef’ and helping me in the kitchen. Week by week, I Iost weight consistently, and I started thinking about something I’d been pushing to the back of my mind for years – getting married! Joe and I had been engaged for five years, but again my lack of confidence had got in the way. Just six months after joining Slimming World, I was twirling in the gown of my dreams and happily setting a date for 2024! 

Johdi’s day on a plate




White toast with peanut butter.  

Fat-free natural Greek yogurt with lots of berries.  


White-bread ham sandwich, with crisps and chocolate brownies.

Omelette or a tuna salad with pickled pink onions, peppers, watercress, spinach, tomatoes and rocket. 


Chinese takeaway of duck with pancakes and hoisin sauce, salt and pepper chips, rice, curry sauce and prawn crackers.  

Portuguese peri-peri chicken with sweet potato from the Slimming World Tray-mendous! book, a Healthy Extra serving of halloumi and lots of salad.  


Chocolate brownies and home-baked cakes. 

Cooked skinless chicken breast pieces, fruit, or two Slimming World Hi-fi bars as a Healthy Extra.

With 2st still to go to my target, I felt ready to start the Body Magic activity support programme. I knew regular activity would support my weight loss, so I volunteered to walk our seven-year-old English bulldog, Neville. Then I decided to give the Couch to 5K app a go and, as the weeks went by, I went from barely being able to run at all to doing the full 5km without stopping.  

I hit my target of 10st in May this year and celebrated with a whole new wardrobe. I feel so different playing with Aubrey this summer. I’m active and full of energy, and I can get up off the floor with ease, or race about with him and never get out of breath. And my wedding dress? Now I’ve lost 5st 7lbs, it needs to be taken in! I’ve come so far from being the anxious Johdi and, with the ongoing support of my group, there’s no way I'm ever going back. 

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