I was helping to fit a new bath with my dad when he asked me to squeeze through a gap between the ladder and the wall. ‘I need a bigger bathroom’ I said, struggling. ‘Or a smaller bottom’ he joked. That comment stopped me in my tracks. Dad had never commented on my weight before and it wasn’t the sort of thing he’d usually say.

I’d yo-yo dieted for years. One of my friends had been in the same boat, so after much deliberation, we decided to join Slimming World together. Although I wasn't sure I could do it, I tried to keep an open mind about Food Optimising.

Every week, I filled up on Speed Free Foods and enjoyed tasty dishes such as my favourite King prawn jalfrezi. I made sure I stayed to group for IMAGE Therapy to get support and good ideas from my fellow members. And every week, I lost weight! With each pound down, I felt more and more positive.

My go-to recipe is prawn jalfrezi. I cooked this dish for my dad when he came over, and he was so impressed he asked for the recipe!

Nothing was going to stop me! Even when my relationship broke down, I was determined to stay on plan. I had so much support from my Consultant and the other members, who quickly became good friends. When I reached my target weight, my dad was extremely proud. He’s always telling me so, and he’s even helped me buy a whole new size-12 wardrobe. I know I won’t be needing my old size 20-22s ever again!

With a little help from...

Cara shares the tricks that made a difference to her slimming journey, and the treats (and people) that spurred her to success.

  • Now I’m so much slimmer I love glamming up. It all started with a comment from my lovely dad, Glenn. Thanks for being my rock, Dad!

  • I treated myself every time I lost a stone. To begin with, I chose things I wouldn’t slim out of, like jewellery, shoes or a new hairdo. Eventually, I was buying size-12 clothes!

  • As I became more confident about exercise, I swapped my tracksuit (with the top zipped up even if I was boiling hot!) for leggings and a vest.

  • I still love crisps, so it’s great I can have a 15g bag of Pom-Bear for 4 Syns.

  • I used to struggle just taking a stroll around the block with my dog, Rocco – we walk for miles now. It never fails to perk me up, and it also reminds me of how far I’ve come.

*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose.