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Join a real-life group or, where guidance allows, a venue plus virtual group and take advantage of the following offers.
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Special offer for new members

  • New members get half-price membership when you join a real life group.
  • Pay just €18 on week one and €9 per week after that.

Offer available from the 8th November – 19th December 2020. Contact your Consultant to book a place today.

Join with four friends and get a week free

Join a group with four of your friends or family members and you all get your first week free! Pay €9* each on week one, then €9 per week after that.

* This offer can’t be used in conjunction with a Countdown course.​

Over 60s

We have a special reduced weekly fee of €8.50 for senior citizens.

Under 16?

11-15-year-olds get free Slimming World membership when they’re accompanied by a fee-paying parent/guardian.

Ask your Consultant about Free2Go plan for young members.

Join a virtual only group

  • New members get half-price membership and will receive a copy of the new member pack
  • Pay just €18 on week one and €9 per week after that
  • Re-joining members get free membership - pay just €9 on week one (if you already have a new member pack).

Contact your Consultant to book a place today.

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