Watching my daughter, Charlotte, getting engaged in front of a packed crowd at a music festival in Torbay, I felt an idea forming… My fiancée, Katy, and I had each lost over 5st with Slimming World, and we were feeling so much more confident that we wanted to do something to celebrate our success. So on the drive home through the Devon countryside, I decided to pop the question. ‘Why don’t we set a date for our wedding?’ Katy sat bolt upright, too stunned to say anything. Then she broke into a big grin. ‘Let’s do it!’ she said.

I could understand her surprise. When we’d first got engaged five years ago, I’d felt very differently. Back then, weighing over 24st and battling pain caused by ruptured ligaments in my left knee, I couldn’t muster any excitement for the wedding. I knew that Katy was unhappy about her size as well, so I didn’t bring up the subject and neither did she. Being engaged was enough of a commitment to each other.

Then, in 2016, I was told I’d need to lose weight before I could have knee replacement surgery. I managed to lose the 2st needed for the op, but as soon as I’d had the surgery I felt my motivation vanish. I went back to my GP to ask for help and he suggested I try a weight loss group. When I got home I said to Katy: ‘I’m not going to a group – I’ll be the only bloke!’ She knew exactly what to say to reassure me. ‘Let’s do it together – we could try Slimming World,’ she replied.

Turned out I needn’t have worried. Not only were there a few other men in group – one was my brother! I’d thought his recent weight loss had been down to simply exercising more, but actually it was Food Optimising. From that moment Katy and I were on a mission, planning our meals each week, and going for walks to the shops and back to help build up the strength in my knee.

We both reached target before our wedding day with me 5st 6lbs lighter and Katy having lost 5st 13½lbs. When I saw Katy in her dress, I had to fight back the tears – she looked so beautiful. Losing weight has changed our lives in so many ways. We’re both happier and healthier, going for long walks at the weekend, and looking forward to our future together. Who knows, maybe starting a family will be part of those plans, too!

Katy Sutton, 37

Weight lost

5st 13½st

Starting weight

14st 11lbs

Weight now

8st 11½lbs


5ft 3in