Louise at Auburn Lodge Hotel

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I joined Slimming World in January 2017 after realising just how much weight I had gained. There were no Christmas photos of me that year, because of my weight. I was nervous walking through the doors of my Group for the very first time. I worried that I would be the heaviest there, and that I would be judged. I couldn't have been more wrong, a warm welcome awaited me! My Consultant explained Food Optimising to me and I was instantly excited. I couldn't believe all the lovely foods I could still enjoy, pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meat. Nothing was banned. We’d love you to be part of the amazing, safe and support environment we have in Group, and to be able to support you all the way to that dream weight. We look forward to meeting you!


Auburn Lodge Hotel

Gort Road


County Clare



Group start times


  • 5:30pm and 7:30pm

If you’re thinking of joining us don’t miss out! Come along at the advertised time to get everything you need for a fab first week. Your first session will last around 1½ hours and around 1 hour each week after that.