Frozen food to help you lose weight

In 2015, we partnered with the frozen food pioneers at Iceland – a British company focused, like us, on combining quality and ethics with great service and value for money. Together, we created a deliciously satisfying range of meals, burgers, bangers, soups and sides for those times when there’s no time – and when you do have a few more minutes to play with, there’s a range of sauces to add to cooked meat and veg, too. Better still, when you're able to make a meal from scratch, you can recreate each mouth-watering dish by following the recipe printed on the back of the packaging or available online.

The convenient option

Our aim has always been to create the ultimate slimming lifesavers – meals that are fast, filling, flavoursome and completely Free. Whether you’re just starting out with Slimming World and need some Free Food inspiration, or you’re a Food Optimising pro with the cooking skills to match, our ever-evolving food range is here for you – whenever you need it. Available in Iceland, the Food Warehouse in the UK and Dunnes Stores in the Republic of Ireland.