The power of frozen

The magic of frozen means we’ve been able to lock in all the natural taste, texture and healthiness of home-made Slimming World classics the moment they’re cooked, from chicken tikka masala to crunchy oven-bake chips. Starring hundreds of high-quality Free Foods, the Slimming World food range also offers the ultimate convenience – so there’s always a quick, delicious meal ready and waiting whenever you’re short on time.    

Innovating with integrity

From sourcing the ingredients to deciding how they’re prepared and cooked, every single stage in the making of the food range is carefully scrutinised, to create meals of the finest quality and with the greatest slimming power. 

We’ve worked with Iceland and its suppliers to ensure that only the leanest cuts of meat make it into our meals, sausages and burgers, with every batch fat-analysed to make doubly sure they’re totally Free on Slimming World’s eating plan.

All our chargrilled vegetables are specially sourced to ensure they’re the tastiest on the block – and that no oil has snuck in! And then there are our chips and roasties... We use more than 20 varieties of spuds for the perfect flavour and we've tried and tested our roasting techniques to get the perfect combination of fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

In fact, not one ingredient – right down to our bespoke spice blends – is an off-the-shelf product. These are just a few of the lengths we go to to achieve our fabulous, Free Food flavours and to ensure that Slimming World’s food range is the only one guaranteed to be totally Free.

The joy of Free Food

Free Food is at the heart of our Food Optimising plan – and it includes hundreds and hundreds of healthy, hearty and delicious everyday staples which you can eat in unlimited quantities, like lean meat and poultry, eggs, vegetables, pasta, rice, potatoes… the list goes on (and on!). 

Our vision for the Slimming World food range is to inspire and excite you with the endless possibilities of these amazing ingredients. We want to bring you a super-satisfying selection of mealtime favourites that are generously portioned, great value and packed with top quality Free Food.

The aim is for each and every meal to be as good as home made, without the hassle – and knock the spots off any other ‘slimming’ meals you’ll find elsewhere. 

A lifeline youʼll love

When you’re rushed off your feet, our range is a real lifesaver – with exciting, quick and nutritious breakfasts, lunches and dinners that’ll fill you up and help you lose weight. And when you have more time on your hands, we’ve included the recipe – so you can rustle up the same dish from scratch, at home. 

Get in touch

If you’re dying to share an idea for our next bestseller or you’d like to feed back on any of the products in our current range, please do get in touch. This truly is your food range. Your ideas, your likes (and your dislikes!) have and always will be at the centre of our creative process here in the Slimming World Food team. Please feel free to email us at