Why am I seeing an ‘on hold’ message when I log on to the app?

As a Slimming World Online member, this could happen if we’ve been unable to take a payment (eg, you’ve had a new bank card), if your membership has been frozen or if further subscriptions have been cancelled.

There isn’t the option to reactivate memberships via the app and you’ll see the ‘on hold’ message. If you’d like to continue to resubscribe, you’ll be able to do this easily by logging on via the website. 

After logging in, click on the ‘activate my membership’ option and you’ll be taken straight to the online shop. Then tap on the ‘membership’ option at the top of the page to view and select your preferred subscription.

If you’ve previously been an online member and have since joined a group, or if you have any trouble reactivating your account, please contact us.

last updated: December 15, 2020