What’s the reason for doing a digital magazine? Will the normal print version be coming back?

Absolutely! Releasing the magazine in a digital format – until things are a bit more normal! – has a lot of benefits. Under the current social distancing restrictions, it relieves pressure on our warehouse team and on busy key workers in the postal service, to help them do their jobs safely. And with current delays to the postal service, it also means that all members of Slimming World Virtual Service can get their magazine in the same week rather than having to wait. 

We know that having a magazine in your hands is a different experience to reading stories online in a feed and we’ve done everything we can to recreate the magazine journey in a digital format. So you’ll still get a specially created package of seasonal inspiration and features that have been chosen with the challenges we’re all going through in mind. As ever, we’ve worked with the best food writers, photographers and real-life writers to ensure every page really inspires. We hope you’ll give our digital app a go and that it gives you the same moment of ‘me time’.

last updated: February 8, 2021