Do you have any help for partially sighted and blind members?

If you’re a Slimming World group member and you need a New Member Pack in a larger-print format or as an audio book on a series of CDs, please ask your Consultant. They’ll happily order a copy from Head Office and bring it along the following week. 

If you’re a Slimming World Online member, please use the ‘contact us’ form once your bookshop order has gone through and we’ll get the correct book sent to you.

We’ve also worked in conjunction with the RNIB to create a selection of audio and braille recipe books and, with a few exceptions, almost all of our books come in either format.

As well as these resources, we’re continually working to improve the accessibility and usability of our websites. You can use the Slimming World website with a screen reader, screen magnifier or other access technology. It can be viewed on different screen sizes and the size of the text can be changed too.

last updated: February 8, 2021