Could the menopause be affecting my slimming progress?

Medical experts inform us that there's little evidence that the menopause should be a direct cause of weight gain or inability to lose weight. Weight does tend to increase with age and many people tend to see an increase in weight particularly during young adulthood and middle age. This is thought to be primarily due to change in lifestyle and a gradual decrease in the amount of physical activity we do.

Increasing your level of physical activity can not only help weight loss by helping you expend more energy whilst active but it also helps preserve muscle tissue keeping your metabolic rate high.

Another way many of our members like to give their weight loss a boost is to include plenty of 'Speed' foods in their daily Food Optimising plan. These are great foods to help satisfy the appetite and contain less energy than similar foods so can be a great help in giving your weight loss a kick start.

last updated: November 4, 2019