How do Countdown courses work?

A Countdown course is a brilliant way of committing to your weight loss by committing to attending a Slimming World group for 6 or 12 weeks (and getting one or two weeks free in the process!). To seal your commitment, we'll ask you to book any holidays or pre-planned absences at the time of buying your Countdown.

Because this is all about your commitment, Countdown courses are non-refundable and can't be extended. This does mean that if you're unable to make it to group one week (except in exceptional circumstances) you will effectively ‘lose’ a week of your Countdown course. Please do let your Consultant know if you're unable to get to group and they'll be happy to help you find a different group to attend if you're able to. In the exceptional case of serious illness, hospitalisation or a bereavement, your Consultant will contact Head Office to make arrangements.

If you work shifts, and because a Countdown is all about committing to group every week, unless you're able to attend a Slimming World group each week, we don't recommend you commit to a Countdown course. Likewise, if you're close to your Personal Achievement Target weight – and you're hoping to achieve it within the next few weeks – we wouldn't recommend a Countdown.

LifelineOnline on a Countdown course: Please note your access to LifelineOnline is based on group attendance. If you commit to a Countdown course but then choose to stop attending group, your LifelineOnline access will stop four weeks after your last group attendance.

last updated: June 17, 2019