If I buy the eBay Membership Offer pack, do I have to go to a group?

Our Slimming World eBay membership offer gives you everything you need to get started with Slimming World. You’ll receive:

  • a Food Optimising book, which describes our famous healthy eating plan

  • a Body Magic book, all about our active lifestyle programme for when you’re ready to take your first – or next – step

  • a Slimming World group booklet, packed with information and inspiration about the friendship, support and motivation you’ll find at your local Slimming World group

  • our ‘be delighted with your first 6 weeks' brimming with recipe ideas and tips galore

  • four food diaries to help you learn how to Food Optimise during your first four weeks

  • four F.I.T. logs to track your activity

Most importantly, our eBay membership offer includes a special voucher entitling you to enrolment and two weeks’ attendance at your local Slimming World group. 

Please note, it’s likely to be less expensive to go straight to a group, where you’ll get your complete New Member Pack as above. The price of the eBay offer includes costs for Paypal, eBay, postage and packaging. 

last updated: June 17, 2019