Can my child join Slimming World?

Yes, children aged 11-15 can join a Slimming World group for free if they’re accompanied by a parent, guardian or family member who has main responsibility for their meals/eating habits at home. 

Slimming World offers membership to 11 to 15 year olds as ‘Free2Go’ members. The focus for our young members is well and truly on healthy eating – not weight loss. There’s absolutely no pressure to lose weight – just lots of praise as they take on board healthy lifestyle changes, step-by-step. Every young member receives a specially tailored, easy-to-follow booklet as part of their new member pack as well as access to our Free2Go app. Our eating plan for young members is super-simple – there’s no measuring or weighing of foods, and no calorie counting whatsoever. And because we understand the pressures young people can face, we help them make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes that fit with their school, home, and social life.

We ask that our young members are accompanied to group by their parent, guardian, or family member who has responsibility for their meals and eating habits at home. Group membership for Free2Go members is completely free of charge when they’re attending with a parent, guardian or family member who is also a Slimming World member. If not then there is a small discounted fee of £4.95/€8.50 for the parent/guardian(plus the current joining fee). 

Membership for under 18s is only available in our friendly local groups as we’re unable to offer our Slimming World Online membership to anyone under the age of 18.

last updated: December 30, 2020