I’m breastfeeding – can I join Slimming World?

Once your baby is six weeks old and you’ve had your post-natal check-up, you’re welcome to join a group or return to your group.

Why the six-week delay? We recommend members consult their doctor or health visitor for advice before beginning to slim after giving birth. As long as they’re happy for you to start slimming (this is usually after your six-week post-natal check up), we’ll be delighted to help support you in reaching your weight loss goals.

Your body needs extra energy and calcium while you’re breastfeeding and we recommend that you increase your Healthy Extra choices.

In group, your Consultant will be able to explain this in more detail and give you a copy of our pregnancy and breastfeeding booklet.

Online-only members will find the same information in our ‘Food Optimising and breastfeeding’ factsheet, which you can access on the website when you join Slimming World Online.

last updated: December 15, 2020