Dieting advice for weight loss success

Dieting advice - for life!

With the media handing out weight loss tips left, right and centre it’s hard to know where to go for help with dieting. Advice varies from the extreme, such as surgery, to the ineffective ‘quick-fix’ diets. At Slimming World we’ve got all the healthy eating and dieting advice you need. It’s not about following tips, fads or instructions; it’s a realistic eating plan for life. So if you’re looking for sensible dieting advice you’ve found the right place!

Dieting advice - the answers

Learning about the foods that will fill you up and help you lose weight means you’ll be armed with healthy eating knowledge forever, so no need to search for diet tips, miracle weight loss cures or short-term fixes.

Food Optimising is amazing, I quickly learned how different it is to ordinary ‘diets’. Slimming World has taught me about the right foods to eat and given me the support I needed. I’m never hungry and the best thing is it fits in with the whole family.

Karen Heppleston-Baines, who lost 10st 2lbs.


So what’s the most effective dieting advice?

  • Follow a plan where you never go hungry
  • Enjoy your favourite foods
  • Learn what foods are healthy
  • Eat the same food as everyone else

… discover Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan!

Dieting advice, myth number 1 – you’re always hungry when following a weight loss plan

Food Optimising means you don’t have to go to bed early because you’re hungry. ‘Free Food’ is food that can literally be eaten freely, with no need to count, weigh or measure. Pasta, potatoes, lean meat, fish, vegetables and fruit are all great foods to tuck into when hunger strikes and they’ll not only help your weight loss, they’ll supercharge it!

Dieting advice, myth number 2 – you have to follow a set menu

At Slimming World you create your own menus, so whether you’re a fish and chip fan or a curry addict, your favourites all fit in. Being made to eat foods that you’re not keen on, just to stick to an eating plan is not good dieting advice and it’s the first step to it failing. If you can’t stand carrots or Weetabix makes you wince, with Food Optimising you can avoid them altogether. Now isn’t that the sort of dieting advice we all want to hear?

Dieting advice, myth number 3 – you can’t eat out

A restaurant menu for a Slimming World member is full of tasty options – steak, pasta, roast dinners, chow mein, the list is endless. Knowing you can enjoy a night out and tuck into the same food as everyone else really takes the worry out of weight loss.

You have the power

Following Food Optimising is the very best dieting advice you can get – it’s learning about healthy eating. You’ll instinctively know about healthy choices without having to rely on special ‘diet’ ready meals.

So forget those crazy eating plans that lead to unpleasant side-effects rather than long-term weight loss. Forget celebrity dieting advice and quick fix diets –Food Optimising is the key to losing weight for life!  

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