Fay’s journey to weight loss success

Fay’s journey to weight loss success

23-year-old student Fay Marshall from Enfield Vineyard in North East London, lost 8st 8lbs* after she was mistaken for being pregnant on the tube. 

“I’ve struggled with my weight ever since I was a child. It became a bit of a vicious cycle – the bigger I got, the less confident I became and the more I stayed in to eat and eat. I’d tried other diets but I had no support and any weight I lost soon went back on. 

“On two occasions, I was mistaken for a pregnant lady on the tube – I was so embarrassed. Having to explain that I wasn’t actually pregnant was bad enough, but I also knew I probably wouldn’t fit in the seat they’d offered me anyway. I cried and cried, and never told anyone what had happened. My confidence hit rock bottom at that point. I’d go to bed early, get up really late and I didn’t really leave the house much at all.

“I’m really close to my Nan and she knew how low I was feeling. She suggested we join Slimming World together. To be honest, I went along to keep her happy – I thought I’d be judged and that it wouldn’t work.

I was so nervous when we walked through the doors, but when I saw all the friendly faces, I was instantly put at ease. Something in my head just clicked – I knew this was it.

“The first thing I did was go through my Food Optimising book, highlighting all my favourite foods. Nan kindly offered to do the bulk of the cooking and started to show me how to adapt the dishes to make Slimming World-friendly versions.

“Before Slimming World, I used to have takeaways like chicken burgers or pizza, but Nan started to show me how to adapt them – my favourite meal is a lean kebab with wholemeal pitta bread, Slimming World-friendly chips and salad. It’s so easy to prepare and tastes better than a takeaway!

“I love my Slimming World group – I always leave with new ideas and whenever I’ve struggled, my Consultant knows exactly what questions to ask or what tool will help me. I get loads of inspiration and ideas from Instagram, too.

“Now I’m at the gym five times a week, running and doing spin classes – which is amazing considering how grumpy I used to get when my boyfriend parked too far from the entrance of the supermarket!

“Before, whenever I walked into a room I would feel as though everyone was looking at me and thinking ‘wow, she’s a big girl!’. Now I can walk into any room with my head held high.

“I always thought I was destined to be overweight forever, but I’ve changed my destiny and if I can do that I believe anyone can.”


Fay’s day on a plate

Before menu:

Breakfast: 4 slices of white toast spread with butter and peanut butter;

Lunch: Pre-packaged sandwich, crisps, chocolate bar and a sugary fizzy drink;

Dinner: Takeaway, such as pizza or chicken burger;

Snacks: Sweets, chocolates, crisps, jam tarts.


After menu:

Breakfast: Overnight oats – porridge oats layered with lots of frozen berries and quark;

Lunch: Couscous or pasta salad, or ‘pizza’ omelette with salad;

Dinner: BBQ pulled pork with cabbage and green beans, or homemade kebab with a wholemeal pitta bread, Slimming World-style chips (baked in the oven in low calorie cooking spray) and salad;

Snacks: Fruit, Hi-fi cereal bars, popcorn, small bar of chocolate or Twister ice lolly.





*Weight loss will vary due to your individual circumstances and how much weight you have to lose

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