Report shows impact of 'upselling' on our weight

A new report by Slimming World and the Royal Society for Public Health has revealed that businesses such as coffee shops, petrol stations and fast food outlets attempt to ‘upsell’ us unhealthy food and drink 106 times a year.

Common scenarios include asking us whether we’d like to upgrade to larger meals and drinks, add high-calorie toppings or sides to orders, or take advantage of special offers on unhealthy food and drink. The report reveals that it leads to us consuming an extra 17,000 calories each year, which is equivalent to a 5lbs weight gain.

The good news for Slimming World members is that since joining one of our groups or signing up to our online programme, 89% feel more empowered to say ‘just this thanks’ in upselling environments.

Everyday techniques adopted by Slimming World members include planning what to eat and drink beforehand (74%), focusing choices around healthy, filling food (69%), and taking out healthy snack alternatives (55%).

Each week Slimming World members get support and ideas from others who face similar challenges. On their journey to reaching and maintaining their dream weight, they work through problems, celebrate their achievements and build confidence in each other and themselves.

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