The secret world of online slimming pills

Have you ever stumbled across diet pill adverts online? They often promise a ‘fast and fool-proof way to shed the pounds’. 
While we know that there really is no quick fix for losing weight, we also know that when we’re struggling with our weight and feeling low, adverts like this can catch us off-guard and tempt us. 
The #FakeMeds survey conducted by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and Slimming World revealed that one in three slimmers have previously tried potentially dangerous slimming pills purchased online. 
  • Three quarters of members had been enticed by promises of rapid weight loss
  • More than half had been attracted to being able to order discreetly
  • 44% had ordered online because they didn’t want to speak to a GP or pharmacist 
  • Almost two-in-three suffered unpleasant side effects including diarrhoea, bleeding, blurred vision and heart problems 
It’s easy to see how quick fix promises made by the sellers of online slimming pills could seem tempting to people who are desperately struggling with their weight. 
30-year-old Sarah-Jayne from Louth, Lincolnshire who became obsessed with slimming pills bought online before quitting her habit and eventually joining Slimming World in May 2017, says: “I don’t have to punish myself or feel guilty for eating anymore and I’ve lost just over two stones.” 
The secret world of online slimming pills
Buying slimming pills online can be risky business. Since April 2013, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have seized nearly £4 million worth of dodgy weight loss pills, often stored in dirty warehouses and garden sheds, and in 2016 they closed more than 5,000 websites selling medicines illegally. 
The sellers are often unregulated and the medical products can contain withdrawn pharmaceutical ingredients. 
Discovering a safe way to lose weight 
At Slimming World you’ll learn how to make changes to the way you shop, cook and eat – getting support to develop new healthy habits really is the best way to keep it off long-term. 
Not only is it safer, it’s also far more satisfying and has the added benefit that your newfound habits can be passed on to your family and friends, too.  Getting support makes your new habits more likely to stick in the longer term and you won’t suffer any nasty side effects. 
Slimming World is working in partnership with the MHRA as part of the Agency’s wider #FakeMeds campaign to encourage those wanting to lose weight to turn to safe, legitimate and appropriate routes. 
If you'd like to improve your health with a safe, easy, filling, delicious, and evidence-based eating plan, look no further than Slimming World and get your weight loss off to a flying start! Find your nearest group here.

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