Open-plan offices make light work of getting active

Open-plan office workers have a head start on boosting their Body Magic – although everyone can get a workout at work

Office work is notoriously sedentary, but it seems that some office layouts are better for you than others. A recent study of US government workers found that those working in open-plan offices clocked up 20% more physical activity than those in walled cubicles, and 32% more than those hidden away in private offices.

If you’re one of the lucky ones working without walls, you’ll be racking up brilliant Body Magic activity without thinking about it. But don’t worry if not – having a sectioned-off work station doesn’t mean you have to be chained to your desk! Try getting up to talk to colleagues face to face instead of emailing, or squeezing some steps into your lunch break.

Working little bits of Body Magic into your day is an easy way to get active – an important part of any slimming journey. Moving more and following our flexible Food Optimising plan will get you slimming beautifully and feeling fantastic – whether you’re at work or play!

‘My job as a senior administrator is very sedentary but the office is large and I can get a lot of steps in during the day. Since hitting my target of 11st 7Ibs I’m really enjoying shopping for new clothes and showing off a brand new, much smarter, work wardrobe.’

Anne Hayes, lost 3st 3Ibs with Slimming World Online

If you’d like to find out how Slimming World can work for you, your local Consultant will be delighted to tell you more. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome and supportive environment at Slimming World groups and online.


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