Enjoy your ice cream treat at Slimming World

Ice cream never loses its childlike magic, with more and more weird and wonderful flavours appearing to tempt us as grown-ups! Here at Slimming World, members can enjoy this chilled-out treat, safe in the knowledge that it fits right in with their slimming journey.

Here's a fabulously easy recipe to try: 

  • Stir together 2 pots fat-free fruit yogurt and 1 pot fat-free natural yogurt, sweeten to taste with 1 level tbsp sweetener and transfer to a freezerproof container.
  • Put in the freezer, then remove every 30 minutes and lightly whip to break down any ice crystals that are forming. Your ice cream should be ready in a couple of hours.
  • Don’t forget – because all the ingredients are slimming-friendly, it doesn’t matter how often you lick the spoon!

For added summer flavour, top your home-made dessert with chopped fresh fruit such as strawberries, banana or mango.

We've got loads more on-plan frosty favourites, too, including:

If you love the sound of these tasty dishes, you'll find lots more fantastic recipes here.


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